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Blake Corkill

Blake Corkill, the esteemed Director of Lending at 21st Century Lending, boasts a decade of unparalleled experience in the mortgage industry. Recognized as one of the top originators in the country, Blake’s vast knowledge and proficiency have positioned him as an invaluable asset in the lending sector. Before taking the helm at 21st Century Lending, […]


With an enduring passion for sales and growth, Matt Thompson, as the Chief Growth Officer, brings to the table over 14 years of rich experience in managing national-level sales. Living by the motto “energy brings sales and sales bring energy”, Matt’s vibrant approach has significantly contributed to expanding market footprints. Prior to his current role […]


As the Chief Operating Officer, Keith Thompson plays a pivotal role in steering 21st Century Lending towards strategic success. Entrusted with the oversight of operations, facilities, revenue generation, branding, personnel management, and talent development, Keith orchestrates a myriad of strategic initiatives aimed at propelling the firm to higher pinnacles. His extensive 12-year tenure in property […]


Randy Thompson is the visionary founder and broker/owner of 21st Century Lending, initially branded as FRS Funding back in 2007. With over 15 years at the helm, Randy has exponentially expanded the firm from a humble two-person outfit to a prestigious Lending Brokerage now boasting over 60 dedicated loan officers. Randy’s diverse and rich experience […]